Karen has over 25 years experience of teaching children and adults on a 1:1 basis, in groups or workshops and within schools across the country. She offers classical or jazz tuition within a flexible approach that incorporates theory, improvisation and composition, accommodating the needs of students who want to either play purely for pleasure or prepare for music grade examinations.


Current and previous teaching posts include:

Big Band/Improvisation Tutor for the Oxfordshire Music Service - From September 2019

Tutor at the Henley Jazz Summer School. 2016 - present

Clarinet and saxophone tutor at Swanbourne House Preparatory School. 2009 - present.

Jazz ensemble tutor for the National Youth Jazz Collective, July/August 2017

Clarinet and Saxophone tutor for the Centre for Young Musicians, London. 2002 - 2005

Jazz tutor at University College School, London. 2001 - 2007

Clarinet tutor at Repton School, Derbyshire. 1994-1995


Please contact Karen to make an enquiry or book a lesson.